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Timeline 2012 Presents 16 Part Video Series Detailing Possible 2012 Pole Shift Data, Science, Prophecy, Future Maps

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Many readers don’t know that I also publish another blog, started in 2008, which details many events and predictions which point to a possible global crustal displacement, or geophysical pole shift in our near future. The bible has clearly predicted such an event in humanity’s future, along with many native American tribes, the ancient Egyptians [see the Kolbrin Bible research on and scientists such as Marshall Masters.

There are now many websites springing up which are attempting to act as digital portals for intentional communities, designed to help one another learn how to cope with and survive such an event. My own best guess is that as well intentioned as these folks are, all bets are off once the event itself becomes imminent and human gut instincts take over.

At any rate I’d like to point readers to the site front page for Timeline 2012 which includes the 16 part video series which is well worth taking the time to view and ponder. Here’s the link and I encourage all readers to share it.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Timeline 2012 16 Part Video Series on Earth Changes & the Pole Shift

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